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Seven Simple and Proven Ways to Gather Your Blog Audience

If you’ve ever created a blog before, you know that the famous movie line from “Field of Dreams” i.e. “build it and they will come” just isn’t true – at least not for blogs!  According to, there were an estimated 400 million different blogs on the Internet in 2018!  How many is that?  Well, if you were to visit 1,000 different blogs every day of the year (not an easy task), you would be busy for 1,096 years before you had seen them all!  And that’s assuming no more blogs were added to the current log jam after 2018!

But take heart blog owners, there are some smart and practical ways you can get more people interested in visiting your blog by following these seven suggestions which have been proven by successful blog owners over and over again.

 1.  Pick a topic in a niche that has good demand

What is the sense of blogging on a topic that no one cares about?  If you’re blogging for fun or just blogging to fulfill a desire to write and publish your feelings . . . then go ahead and blog about whatever you want.  But if your intent is to help other people in a specific niche and get paid for your value, you need to focus on a topic that is currently in demand online.

The topic of your blog doesn’t need to have massive demand.  In fact, many of the most successful blogs are in very tight niches where you would not suppose there is any type of major demand.  But for a moment, consider the “reach” of the Internet . . .

“Internet users:  As of June 2018, 55.1% of the world’s population had internet access. In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world’s population, would be online by the end of the year.”   Source:

Even some seemingly minor niches have enough targeted prospects to offer up a good sized audience for a dedicated blogger!

2.  Offer high quality content

By “high quality” content, I mean you should blog about topics that are relevant to the wants and desires of your audience.  To find out what they want, follow these steps:

  • Find out what types of information products they’re already buying – then write blog posts on the same topic.
  • Use a keyword tool (like “WordTracker” or similar) to find out what topics people in your niche are looking for.
  • Drop by busy niche forums, niche portals, and other blogs in the niche to see which topics are generating the most views and discussion.
  • Survey your readers to find out what they want in terms of content and offers within the niche.
  • Visit Amazon books to see what niche topics are popular and selling well in the niche.
  • Visit the “Dummies” book site and see if there are books on the niche topic (the more, the better!)
  • Visit your local bookstore or Magazines(dot)com and see if there are magazines devoted to the topic.

3. Update frequently

Sometimes people start a blog, post a flurry of articles and then abandon the blog for months at a time.  If you allow dated posts, then your visitors aren’t likely to come back again if they notice that you don’t update regularly and with the purpose to provide the very best information you possibly can.

What you need to do is commit to posting to your blog at least once a week (twice a week is even better).  If you don’t want to be chained to your blog like this, then create the content ahead of time and automatically “drip” it to your readers.  Alternatively, hire a ghostwriter to both create the content and post it.  There a many bloggers that even post daily.  Your schedule of posting should fit the demand and the amount of new information that comes out each day in your niche.

The point is, you need to post often to keep your blog from looking like a deserted island.

4. Create regular features

Here’s a great way to turn a one-time visitor into a repeat visitor.  Specifically, by creating “regular features” and multi-part blog posts that your visitors can look forward to, you will be gathering a hungry audience that returns often and is engaged with your content and responsive.

Example:  Maybe you create a seven-part article about how to make money with pay per click marketing.  Maybe you space it out so that you’re posting one or two articles per week.  You can bet that your readers will return at least once a week just to finish reading the series if your content is focused and compelling.

Another way to get more visitors is by creating a regular feature, such as a “tip of the week” feature or even a “questions from our readers” feature.

There are lots of other ways to add regular features – brainstorm and get a little creative and you will find some great ideas.  See what the top bloggers in your industry are doing to engage their audiences.

5. Write about hot topics

One way to get a surge of traffic and increase in your blog popularity is by writing about hot or even controversial topics.  You can include relevant keywords and “ping” the blog directories (like to make sure those who are searching for the hot topic see your post.

Another way to leverage a hot topic is by joining in on the blogosphere conversation.  Simply find a popular blog discussing a hot topic, and use a trackback to add your response.

6. Get someone influential to endorse your blog

People that are already influential in your niche (other bloggers, celebrities, product creators, niche authors, and leading online marketers) will often endorse and talk about their “go to” sources of timely niche information.  You can get others in your niche to visit your blog by first getting someone influential in your niche to endorse you (and your blog).  You can do this indirectly, such as by offering to be a guest author on the other person’s blog.  You can also ask your joint venture partners to directly endorse you on their blogs and in their newsletters (and you’ll return the favor).  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of influencers that will publicly mention your blog if it is timely, high quality, and offers niche value!

It’s free advertising for you.  In addition, it’s also extremely powerful because you’re using social proof to increase your readership.  But in order to create “buzz” in the niche about your blog … it must absolutely stand out as something worth visiting and following on a regular basis.

7.  Actively market your blog to your perfect prospects

It’s no secret that you can create an active and engaged audience in just about niche if you will take the time to match your blog content to the desires of your best prospects … then market, market, market (using both free and paid strategies) on a regular basis.  Actively and persistently test your marketing venues, written copy, and strategies in order to stop doing things that don’t work and start doing things that are proving to be the most successful.  Online marketing using a blend of both free and paid strategies will give you a presence in your niche industry and allow you to grow your audience over time.

There you have it.  You just discovered seven smart and proven ways to get others to visit your blog – and to visit it again and again!  Your next step is to take action on these suggestions.  Starting today; apply these tips . . . and keep an eye on your traffic logs!

To your online business success,

Steve Browne

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